Cemitério Junta de Freguesia Casa da Cepa Balsa


The Chanfana, practically known all over the country, is a typical dish that originates from the Atlantic coast, and cooked in a black clay pot. The origin of this tradition has at least three different versions.

It can not be said for sure which version led to this Portuguese tradition, but we were received in Desejosa by cooks who are makers of delicacies, and the head chef who showed us his method of preparation. We sit down at a table among many guests and lovers of this delicious dish and calmly await the arrival of this promised meal. Our eyes lost with the sight of the hills and beautiful vineyards which display the  charm of the Douro.

Generoso (port wine), made in this region, is served to us, and as we appreciate its quality and taste, we can´t help but to enjoy the odor of the goat soaked in wine cooking on the heat of firewood. And as the old saying goes, "we eat with our eyes", and to our delight, we sit there and enjoy the hidden flavors that suddenly came up through the air, and the mutual feelings we shared was connected to the Douro.

                                                       Gisele Camacho Aznar