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House of Cepa

The view of Ermelinda Correia´s vine. " For almost 100 years people spoke of this vine but had no memory of the times in which it was planted here," says Luis, 39 year old son of Ermelinda.

"They are treated with sulfur and sulfate, nothing more. You  then wait until the grapes appear", says Ermelinda, the farmers wife, with her calloused hands and burned skin from working under the sun.


Ermelinda, clinging to the trunk of one of the  vines, says again: "It is only over my dead body that i let anyone cut this."

At the time of Tetraview in the mid-nineteenth century, the house had a fifth and probably more branches of vine. The fifth has remained for almost a century, until Jose Correia, father of Ermelinda, coming from Brazil, at the age of 14, extending the house and walls around the vine which made it half disappear and spread to the backyard.

                                      Por Rui Bondoso - Jornal de Notícias