Cemitério Junta de Freguesia Casa da Cepa Balsa

The Village

According to old manuscripts. Don denise mentioned this village in the year 1291 AD, but it was only recognised as a village in the year 1514 AD.

According to old folk tales, the location of  Desejosa was in another place, but due to the presence of a lot of ants, which were eating everything in site, especially childrens private parts, that is why Desejosa is located at its present location.

It's easy to find old people sitting in the shade talking about bread, wine, festivals and work. They also discuss how the road to the market was so bad and how they had to cross the river Távora on a wooden bridge.

Women in Desejosa still make, their world famous hand made table cloth that have embroided designs that are hand knitted. And it is with no profit to them at all, only for the sake of keeping the tradition alive.